Auto-fill logins on Android

You can use the bitwarden Android app to add new and auto-fill existing logins on the web and in other apps.

Enabling the service

  1. Open the bitwarden Android app.
  2. Tap Toolsbitwarden Auto-fill Service. Status Disabled will appear.
  3. Tap Open Accessibility Settings.
  4. Locate bitwarden from the list and enable it.

Auto-fill is context-sensitive. This means that the bitwarden auto-fill icon, and notification will only appear when the app detects a login form. You can change the way auto-fill behaves by navigating to SettingsFeaturesAuto-fill.

Testing auto-fill

  1. Open an app that has not been signed in to.
  2. View the login page for the app. A bitwarden auto-fill notification will appear in the notification bar.
  3. Open the notification drawer and tap the bitwarden Auto-fill Service notification. Your vault will display all possible matching logins. If you do not see the login you are looking for you may need to manually search for it by tapping the search icon.
  4. Tap the appropriate login from the list. Your username and password will be auto-filled.


1. The bitwarden Auto-fill Service keeps getting disabled

Android may turn off the bitwarden Auto-fill Service to optimize battery life. To resolve this you can either: - Tell Android to ignore battery optimization for the bitwarden app; or - Manually turn on the bitwarden Auto-fill Service each time

2. The auto-fill notification does not appear when I visit a login page in my web browser.

This is a currently a known issue with the following browsers, which do not support accessibility services:

  • Firefox for Android - As a workaround you can use the bitwarden Firefox addon instead. Navigate to Firefox Settings → Addons and search for “bitwarden”.
  • Samsung Internet Browser

Android has many web browsers. It can be hard to keep up with them all. We have to add support for each browser individually. If auto-fill does not work and your browser is not listed above please report it at so that we can add support.

3. bitwarden is using a lot of my device’s battery power.

Unfortunately Android accessibility services can be fairly resource intensive on certain devices. We provide a few alternative auto-fill modes that can help reduce battery consumption. You can find these under bitwarden’s Settings → Features menu.

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