Collections allow you to group related items that are being shared from your organization’s vault. A simple personal organization for a family may only want to have one or two collections (ex. Parents and Kids), while a larger organization like a company may have many collections (ex. Servers, Social Media Accounts, Executives, etc).

When you add a new user to your organization, you can associate that user to one or more collections within your organization. Once the user has access to your organization, any items that are placed into that user’s associated collections will be available in their vault. When associating a user to a particular collection, you can also decide whether or not that user has write access to logins contained within it. Selecting the Read Only option will ensure that the user cannot add, edit, or delete any items within that particular collection (they can just view and use them).


Collections are different than folders. Collections are a way to organize items and control user access within an organization’s vault while folders are a way for individual users to organize items within their own personal vault. An individual user may wish to further organize the items being shared with them in their own vault into a personalized folder structure that makes sense just for them.

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