Import your data from another application

You can very easily import your data from an array of different password manager applications. bitwarden supports importing data from the following sources:

  • bitwarden (csv)
  • 1Password (1pif)
  • 1Password 6 Windows (csv)
  • Ascendo DataVault (csv)
  • Avira (json)
  • Chrome (csv)
  • Clipperz (html)
  • Dashlane (csv)
  • Enpass (csv)
  • Firefox Password Exporter (xml)
  • GNOME Passwords and Keys/Seahorse (json)
  • KeePass 2 (xml)
  • KeePassX (csv)
  • Keeper (csv)
  • LastPass (csv)
  • Meldium (csv)
  • mSecure (csv)
  • Opera (csv)
  • Padlock (csv)
  • PassKeep (csv)
  • Password Boss (json)
  • Password Dragon (xml)
  • Password Safe (xml)
  • RoboForm (html)
  • SafeInCloud (xml)
  • SaferPass (csv)
  • SplashID (csv)
  • Sticky Password (xml)
  • True Key (csv)
  • Universal Password Manager (csv)
  • Vivaldi (csv)
  • Zoho Vault (csv)

To import your data, log into the web vault at and navigate to Tools > Import Data. Instructions for importing from each source are available after selecting the desired file format from the dropdown menu.

Generic CSV Format

Alternatively you can manually condition a CSV file using the generic bitwarden format. Create a UTF-8 encoded plaintext file with the following format:


The above header must be the first line in the file. An example file may look like the following:

Twitter,,[email protected],password123,,Social,1,
EVGA,,[email protected],fakepassword,,,,TOTPSEED123
My Bank,,john.smith,password123,Bank PIN is 1234,,,

Download example

When importing from this format, select the bitwarden (csv) file format option from the dropdown menu.

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